Translation Pricing

Technische Übersetzungen

I usually calculate translation prices on the basis of the document that needs translation, taking into account:

  • Document format:
    I work with different file formats including MS Office, Framemaker,
    and InDesign formats.

Please note that I need to have a document format that can be edited directly. Working with PDF files is time-consuming and costly.

  • Amount of text:
    Number of words in the document that needs translation.
  • Matching translations from prior projects stored in a translation memory:
    Depending on the type of match, I offer discounts on
    the price per word.

  • Optional services:
    Besides translation, I also do copy-editing, keys for text contained in graphics or screenshots, layout adjustments in the translated document. All are charged for on an hourly basis.

To provide a detailed quote, I always need to see and analyze the document that needs translation.