Technical Translation and Translation Management

Many German manufacturers of industrial products and solutions need to create their technical and brand communication materials for a global market. Many different types of documents written in varying degrees of technical jargon must be translated into various languages. Typically, this demand is covered by outsourcing translation, proofreading, and/or DTP jobs to large-scale language service providers purchasing these services to support their customers in handling large and multiple-language projects.

However, when small quantities of text required for internal communication purposes or for a company’s market and brand communication materials need to be translated between German and English, it can sometimes be beneficial to have the translation done in-house. There may be situations when a document translated from English into German or vice versa is required for translation into a third language. Deadlines can be very short in these cases and questions may always arise during the translation process.

As part of my work as a reliable and skilled translation partner I offer support to in-house translation management teams who need high-quality translations to satisfy their customers’ requirements.