Technical Translation and Translation Management

On-site support in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region in Germany

Manufacturers of industrial products and solutions create their technical and brand communication materials for a global market. Their internal translation management teams depend on being supported by large-scale language service providers when handling large and multiple language translation projects.

In German industrial companies, additional, small quantities of text from the companies’ technical communication departments or web content management teams often need to be translated between German and English in particular. There may be situations when a document translated from English into German or vice versa is required for translation into a third language. Deadlines can be very short in those cases and questions may always arise during the translation process.

Having the translation done by someone who is in close contact with the company’s translation, web content, or even product managers can prove highly beneficial.

I’m a reliable and skilled translation partner and offer support to in-house translation management teams who need high-quality translations to satisfy their customers’ requirements.